Passionate and persuasive are two words that come up to describe me -- as well as the copy and concepts I develop with my team. i want my words to move, motivate and even sometimes alliterate. I believe in the magic of storytelling and that there are no mistakes – just lessons to learn. 

I am currently working as an Associate Creative Director (Copy) focusing mostly on beer, wine, and spirits which is a lot of fun and I get to learn something new every day.

When I'm not working, My Favorite Things to Do Include:

  • Making and eating my world-famous grilled cheese sandwich (trust me, it's the best)
  • Visiting donut shops and bookstores in every city I visit
  • Watching German Shepherd puppy videos and smiling until I start crying
  • Predicting the endings of TV shows and spoiling it for everyone else
  • Coming up with punny captions for my Instagram pics

Things That I'm Really Good at Include:

  • Hanging out. I'm so good at hanging out.
  • Taking selfies. It's not that I'm proud of this, necessarily, but it is honest.
  • Laughing the loudest in any room, often at my own jokes or jokes made at my expense
  • Bringing up politics and ruining everything from first dates to holiday dinners
  • Buying - and applying - makeup, trying out different looks every day